SAG Awards ‘actor’ statuettes get ready for their close-up

• RELATED PHOTOS: SAG Awards statue pouring at American Fine Arts Foundry in BurbankSAG nominee Mykelti Williamson of “Fences” attended the pouring show-and-tell and brought along his nominee certificate to show to the assembled members of the media.Since the “Actor” was first designed by Jim Heimann and Jim Barnettihe and sculpted by Edward Saenz 23 years ago, the foundry has produced over 1,000 statuettes.

29, 2017 in Los Angeles.The statuettes are made by pouring molten bronze over a wax figurine in a ceramic cast.After attaching the base, the award weighs 12 points, so remember that as you watch the winners struggle to get a speech out while holding their Actor. As the Screen Actor’s Guild prepares for its 23rd annual SAG Awards, one performance took place behind the scenes.At the American Fine Arts Foundry in Burbank on Tuesday, a team of craftspeople worked to create dozens of “Actor” statuettes to be handed out Sunday, Jan.