Torrance Theatre Company hooks an engaging fish out of water story

“It’s like a charming town where everyone trusts each other, and this guy from the big city can’t understand it,” Jordahl said. The attitude doesn’t go over well with the locals, and they have a good time messing with the city slicker, who ends up learning a little about small-town life, what really matters and, of course, about fishing, since he happens to get stuck in town during the annual fishing derby.Ron Gould, who plays an eccentric character in the played named Kirk Douglas, says that while the play takes place in a sleepy town it’s still a fast-paced show.
In fact, the first handful of shows at the Torrance Theatre production are already sold out. The Torrance Theatre Company has a whopper of a fish tale coming to the stage, one that involves a banker stranded in a sleepy town and a fishing derby aimed at catching an elusive catfish named Hollis McCauley.It all happens in the comedy “The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby,” by prolific Canadian playwright Norm Foster, whose plays are often done by local companies and have become popular here in the area.

19. There is an additional 8 p.m. 21. Where: Torrance Theatre Co., 1316 Cabrillo Ave.Tickets: $30.Information: 424-243-6882 or www.torrance Sundays through Feb. Friday and Saturdays, 2 p.m. show Feb. 16. 8 p.m. When: Opens 8 p.m. Jan.


It also has the kind of humor that will make the audience relate to the characters instead of focusing on the differences between small-town residents and big-city folk. “It’s got a lot of heart, and I think there’s a lot of warmth to it,” he said. In the play, Kirk started the Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby 20 years prior when he caught a strange catfish at the lake that ended up getting away. The fish reminded him of his high school shop teacher named Hollis McCauley, so he named him Hollis McCauley.
“Norm Foster is really good at just setting up really easy to watch comedies with really great jokes and punch lines but with people that you kind of recognize and relate to,” said Gia Jordahl, who is directing the company’s production. The comedy opens Jan. 19 in Torrance.The story takes place in a small town called Kooshog Lake, where the locals all know each other, leave their doors unlocked and take notice when a stranger gets stuck in town. The stranger’s name is James Bell, a fancy investment banker with an elitist attitude who breaks down in Kooshog Lake on his way to an important meeting. 21 and runs through Feb.