Coachella 2017: Lady Gaga takes music festival by storm and other day 2 highlights

Plus, Mitski won over a ton of new fans and Bon Iver got electronic. See all of the photos from Saturday’s performances.Drake regained the Coachella cred he lost a few years ago when he showed up in a yellow puffy vest to guest with Future on the main stage.It isn’t Coachella without fashion, so here’s a look at some of the striking characters roaming the Empire Polo Club grounds. Back to the music, it’s been a wild and wacky day – with Thundercat singing about, well, his cat, and being joined by yacht rock royalty Michael McDonald (he was one of many guests on Saturday, including Ms. Lauryn Hill with DJ Snake).

Piñatas? Take a look and interpret for yourself.But the art isn’t just inside the festival, there’s also more work with a message in the campgrounds, where the Raices Cultura project visualizes immigrants’ hopes for the American Dream. Rhinos? Unicorns? Oh, and at least one person had thoughts on President Trump and his tax returns.If the big art pieces aren’t showing up in your Instagram feed, I guarantee you that Coachella sunsets are. And everyone is asking–what are those colorful things in the field?

That’s pretty much all you need to know about Saturday, April 15, at the 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. See photos from Lady Gaga’s headlining set at Coachella. Before she even took the stage, Gagachella was trending on Twitter.Yeah, she may have gotten the call after Beyonce had to postpone due to her pregnancy, but Lady Gaga oozed confidence and shone brightly – literally. The fans watching on the field and at Couchella were digging the set.While she didn’t have any surprise guests, Gaga did premiere a brand new song, “The Cure,” which she later mentioned dropped on iTunes that night. Two words: Lady Gaga.
The thing with more than 2,000 mirrors isn’t a place for fans to check their makeup, it’s a thought-provoking installation called “The Lamp Beside the Golden Door.”The giant tree house in the middle of the field also has a message – one to narrow the class divide.If you’re the security guard in charge of the “Chiaozzo Garden,” you have to repeat yourself a lot. The things you’re seeing all over your social media feeds this weekend are the big installation art pieces at Coachella. They definitely have different Coachella vibes. But let’s back up a bit.