Little Fish delivers a variety with Pick of the Vine series

“Each of the nine plays has a sort of behind-the-scenes feel to them, and that’s a theme that in a way draws all these stories together,” he added.This year’s selection includes comedies such as Rich Orloff’s “A Womb With a View.”“It’s a great comedy offering a real fresh perspective on the prenatal condition, if you will,” Wolski said. “It basically features an unborn baby who is learning all the ropes before she is ready to come out into the world.” The New York-based playwright is familiar to the Little Fish audience since the company has produced his plays in the past, most recently the full-length comedy “Domestic Tranquility” last year.

Louis based playwright Stephen Peirick that also happens to deal with babies but in a more serious manner. “It was a fun notion to play with,” Orloff said. For this story Orloff just simply imagined the last- minute efforts inside the womb to make the baby ready for the world. Another standout is the play “Screaming,” by St. The five character play features the baby and four “crew people” that include a supervisor and his assistants putting the baby together. “It’s clearly not a literal description of what goes on,” Orloff said with a chuckle.

All nine plays are presented during every show, and while they were written by different playwrights from the U.S. It opens Jan. 13 and consists of nine plays that were chosen out of more than 700 submissions. and abroad, all of the stories fall under this year’s theme, which is all about taking a “Behind-the-Scenes Look at Life and Love.” “You never hear about what soldiers talk about on the base, you never hear about what goes on inside the mind of an unborn baby, and most people have no experience with postpartum depression one on one,” Wolski said.

“It’s basically a sampler platter of all genres of theater,” said Bill Wolski, the producer of this year’s Pick of the Vine short play series. With stories ranging from a serious look at postpartum depression to more lighthearted tales such as what gestating babies might be thinking about, Little Fish Theatre hopes its selection of upcoming plays will offer people a range to choose from. “We have everything from thrillers and chillers to your more typical fare like romantic comedies and human dramas.”